Board of Directors 2020 Nominees

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Board of Directors Elections: November 13 Luncheon
The elections for the 2020 Board of Directors will take place at the November 13 luncheon. 

Voting Procedure:

  • At Meetings of the membership, only members in good standing shall have the right to vote. Individuals, partnerships or corporations holding membership shall be entitled to only one vote to be cast by a duly designated representative. Owner/Manager members with more than one complex or rental property shall be entitled to one vote.
  • Each member shall be entitled to vote, in person or by proxy, at all meetings of the membership. Proxies must be for a specific purpose, in writing and delivered to the Secretary of the Association within 48 hours prior to the time of the meeting. All proxies shall expire after ninety (90) days.
  • A quorum of the membership shall consist of not less than fifteen percent (15%) of the total of all members of the Association.
  • The candidate receiving the majority of votes for an office shall be considered elected.  In the event such a majority is not obtained on the first vote, a second vote shall be taken upon the two leading candidates for such office.

2020 President: Monica Sommers, The Haven at Reed Creek (First Communities)

2020 Immediate Past President: Courtney Murrah, ATC Development

2020 Board of Directors Nominees: 

President-Elect: Jennifer Moore, Walton Oaks Apartments (Walton Communities)
Vice President of Vendors: Whitney Pope, RentPath
Treasurer: Tracy Chambers, Walden Glen (The Michelson Group) 
Lisa Chariker, Willow Ridge Townhomes (Strategic Management Partners)
Clint King, Riverstone Apartments (Pegasus Residential)

Owner/Manager Board Members at Large (4 will be elected): 
Renee Dabney, Goshen Country Club (Abbitt Management)
Shaun Kennedy, ATC Development 
Jessica Cohen, Metropolitan Augusta (First Communities)
Tiffany Jeter, Cedar Ridge (Kauphi, LLC)
Brad Mays, Champions Pines (Champions Pines)
Renauda Willis, Spicewood  (Phillips Management)

Associate Board Members at Large (2 will be elected): 
Ernie Dinkins, Fox Appliance 
Lisa McTier, Carpet Mart 
Todd Cory, SERVPro
Eddie Bussey, State Farm 
Tiffany Houston, Sherwin-Williams 
Joy Fiske, TruGreen 

Directors shall take office as of January 1 and shall serve a term of one year. Directors may be re-elected for succeeding terms, but no more than four consecutive year terms. The President shall serve no more than 1 consecutive term.

A member organization or firm may not seat more than two Directors at one time.