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More than 2.5 million Emergency Rental Assistance payments have been distributed, totaling more than $2.8 billion
December ApartmentList Rent Report: rent growth continues to taper off, just 0.1% increase nationally, 0.3% in Atlanta, slowest rate of increase all year
Georgia officials outline plan to speed up rental assistance distribution
Rent control policies back in vogue as officials try to contain rising rent prices
Rent growth continues across the US but at a slower pace
How the $1.2T infrastructure affects multifamily
National group calls Georgia’s rental assistance program “one of the worst in the country”
Renter migration report: 41% of apartment hunters are looking to move, 25% of people looking to move to Atlanta are coming from outside the metro area
Protestors blast DCA for slow pace of rental assistance
Rent inflation is Biden’s next headache
Gen Z thinks homeownership is less important and less likely than Millenials

NMHC rent tracker for Nov 6th 2021. Rent collections down this week by more than 2% compared to Nov 2020
Greystar sells 30 multifamily properties throughout the US for $3.6 billion
Affordable housing assets are less affordable as market surges, state subsidies still needed to produce affordable housing